V8401 Handheld Capnograph


Product Category: Monitoring – Capnography

Brand: Surgivet 

Product FeaturesSidestream technology for application with intubated and non-intubated patients

End tidal CO2 numeric value

End tidal CO2 wave form, and respiration rate

Visual and audible alarm signals

Adjustable alarm limits

Optional infrared printer (8411)

 Product Specifications

Items Included

Reorder Code             Description

20690B2                   Protective boot

8214                        Patient attachment kit

8403                        Battery eliminator 105-125V

8406                        Battery eliminator 208-225V (optional)

V1175                      CO2 monitor exhaust kit

V1894P                    Operations Manual

 Recommended for Maintenance

Reorder Code                 Description

5093                             Calibration gas cannister

8217                             CO2 Calibration kit (5093, 8061, 8211, 8223)