Large Animal Therapy


IRAP Therapy The irap®-therapy now offers the opportunity to effectively treat lameness of your horse utilising the body’s own healing mechanisms. This means low risk of side effects and no doping more.


What is PRP?

PRP is a preparation of autologous concentrated platelets (thrombocytes). PRP produced by Osteokine contains therapeutically significant concentrations of platelets

How does it work?

Citrated whole blood is taken from the horse and placed into the red-capped Osteokine bag. After processing in a special centrifuge a pellet of PRP is generated which can be re-suspended to treat the horse from which it was taken

What can it be used for?

PRP has been shown to accelerate healing in injuries involving fibrous tissues (tendons, ligaments, skin) and has also been used in bone healing.

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The latest ultrasound technology

A high-performance quartz produces a fine mist with the smallest aerosol particles. The particle size is constant in continuous operation between 0.47 to 6 μmm. The atomization performance is superior with about 6.7 ml / minute extremely high, and any other device. Compare for yourself and surprise yourself….read more.