IRAP Therapy


Product Category: Equine Lameness Treatment – irap Therapy

Brand: Orthogen GmbH

Therapeutic proteins from the patient… for the patient.

The irap®-therapy utilizes the patient’s own blood and natural healing mechanisms. The patented irap® syringe is used to produce autologous conditioned serum (ACS), which contains anti-inflammatory and regenerative cytokines.

How does the irap®-therapy work?

The irap® syringe contains specially treated beads that stimulate the white blood cells to produce anti-inflammatory and regenerative cytokines. The whole blood is incubated overnight and then centrifuged to separate the serum. The serum thus collect is then re-injected into the patient.

Has it been tested?

The patented irap® therapy has been used safely and effectively in many tens of thousands of horses around the world.

In a controlled study at Colorado State University*, results indicated that there was significant clinical and histologic improvement in osteoarthritis-affected joints of horses following treatment with ACS, compared with placebo treatment. Horses treated with ACS had significant clinical improvement in lameness, unlike the placebo group.

“…does it make the horse feel better? …does it slow down the progression of arthritis? …we found irap did both” (David Frisbie, CSU in “TROT” MARCH 2009)

The irap® therapy employs no addition of any chemical drugs. It is 100% the body’s own treatment.

irap® therapy has been used to treat a variety of inflammatory and degenerative conditions:

• Joint lameness • Tendon and ligament injuries • Muscle injuries • Back pain