BBAG-1 Breathing Bags

SurgiVet breathing bags are the most durable consumable breathing bags on the market. This double-dipped bag provides the quality of a thick black rubber bag without the expense.

FACEMASK-1 Anesthesia Face MasksAnesthesia Masks SurgiVet offers the largest selection and most durable anesthesia masks in the market. The new design of the mask and the polycarbonates used prevents the

CIRCUITS-1 Universal F-Circuit Universal F-CircuitThe Universal F-Circuit has become the most common anesthesia circuit in today’s industry. The F-Circuit is designed to prevent heat loss and maintai

CPRAM-1 60”C-Pram Breathing Circuit V7104 60”C-Pram Breathing CircuitThe C-Pram is a non-rebreathing circuit designed for small animals. The unique single tube design reduces patient heat loss and maintai

MJRCIRCUIT-1 Modified Jackson Rees CicruitThe Modified Jackson Rees (MJR) is a well accepted non-rebreathing system. The control valve allows you to close the system for hand bagging and then reopen it to a passive conditi

AVIANCIRCUIT-1 Avian (Mapleson) CircuitAvian (Mapleson) CircuitThe Avian (Mapleson) Circuit is a non-rebreathing circuit designed for very small animals where dead air space is an issue. By design, this circ

V7320 High Patient Pressure AlarmThe High Patient Pressure Alarm provides an alert when a patient circuit reaches a dangerous pressure level. The

V7115 Mayo TrayThe Mayo Tray is constructed of a powder coated aluminum frame with a stainless steel tray. The tray

V7306 Pop-Off ValveThe Pop-Off Valve allows a breathing bag to remain passively full, which allows you to give the patient a manual breath without having to flush the

Low Oxygen Pressure AlarmThe Low Oxygen Pressure Alarm provides an alert when the oxygen supply is running low. Simple DISS fittings on the included oxygen hose

Induction_Chambers Induction Chamber

Calmly anesthetize patients in a stable container

V7309 Pop-Off Occlusion Valve

The Pop-Off Occlusion Valve helps to prevent an accidental pneumothorax due to leaving the pop-off valve closed. By simply depressing a

sodasorb_family Sodasorb® CO2 AbsorbentMedical-grade Sodasorb® (soda lime USP-NF) is the original CO2 absorbent and has been the market leader for years. It is specially designed

V71281 Non-Rebreathing Adapter

Moving from rebreathing to non-rebreathing is quick and easy when this adapter is placed

sodasorblf Sodasorb® LF CO2 Absorbent

Sodasorb® LF CO2 Absorbent is specifically formulated to prevent the degradation of anesthesia gases that can lead to problematic byproducts