2550 Ventilator


Product Category: Ventilators                                

Brand: Surgivet 


The 2550 Ventilator is designed to be used as an anesthesia ventilator or a long-term respirator. It has adjustable controls for inspiratory and expiratory time as well as inspiratory flow. The ventilator is transportable.

Product Specifications

2550 Ventilator

Reorder Code


Items Included

Reorder Code                       Description

32359B7                              48-inch 22 mm cuffed hose

32359B8                              12-inch 22 mm cuffed hose

32391B1                              Test lung

32426B3                              DISS Wye connector (F x M x M Wye)

N/A                                        24-inch O2 hose w/DISS female connectors on each end

N/A                                       Patient hose

OpMan                                 Operations Manual

Optional Accessories

Reorder Code                 Description

V7265                           Mounting bracket

V7266                           Roll stand