MyLab Family

mlAlpha_02 MyLab™ALPHA (New Product)

The powerful MyLab™Alpha, premium performance portable ultrasound system, offers features and performance never seen on a portable system…read more

Cialis mlClassC_02 MyLab™ClassCVET

The MyLab™ClassCVET is a high-level ultrasound system which is based on the concept of efficiency and productivity. The system delivers a reliable diagnosis and ensures daily productivity…read more

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mlTwice_vet02 MyLab™Twice VET

The unique MyLab™TwiceVET offers Premium Performance together with Point-of-Care Ultrasound, meaning that besides the office-based system the MyLab™SatVET unit can be used where it is needed, from clinic to barn and the field…read more

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77 MyLab™One VET

MyLab™OneVet is designed using the most modern and advanced technologies in order to deliver its high performance within…read more


MyLab™Five VET

The MyLabFiveVET is designed using the most modern and advanced technologies in order to deliver its high performance within the class of a portable device…read more

ml30G_01 MyLab™30 VET GOLD

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Premium performance with portability is today a reality with the MyLab™30VETGold. It represents the state of the art in terms of technologies and diagnostic capabilities. This …read more

ml40vet_01 MyLab™40 VET. generic Propranolol

All inclusive platform
· Extensive dedicated veterinary software: vet patient ID, vet body marks, vet measurements and calculations
· One touch workflow

read more

Analogue range

tringaLinearVet_01 Tringa Linear VET

.5″high resolution VGA LCD

. 256 gray levels…read more

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