Air-One Ultraschall-Inhalator


Product Category: ultrasound inhaler

Brand: air-one

Air-one — an ultrasonic inhalator sets new standards in the treatment of respiratory tract in horsesDescription:The problem of early detectionRespiratory diseases in horses are colic, according to the form of internal diseases. Especially during the cold season we hear it in the barn increased cough and snort. The causes of coughing horses can be varied, ranging from poor food quality through dust allergy to viral infections. A coughing horse should in any case, the veterinarian will be introduced in order to clarify the extent and causes carefully. Treatment with air-one Ultrasonic inhaler can be opened immediately.

Deliberately and successfully help

The ultrasonic inhalation in the treatment of respiratory diseases, an effective method.

The drugs will be obscured so fine that not only achieved the bronchi, but also the ramifications to the alveoli. This has been demonstrated in many studies worldwide unique. The effectiveness of these so-called aerosol therapy is controversial and is recommended by leading veterinarians and animal hospitals. The advantage over the traditional application is that the drug enters a short time at their destination without burdening the entire body. Moreover, can save significant amounts of drugs.


Yes, but only with the correct device

The air-one sets a new standard, because this inhaler has been developed specifically for use in horses with the latest technology. It is not a modified product of human medicine. Rely on the experience of New-Tec and Rheintechnik HK. The Rhine Technology Group develops and manufactures since 1979 Ultrasonic inhalers. When air-one all components are in the details coordinated. A quality product for the highest standards.

Convincing advantages:

  • Perfect atomisation
  • Smallest particle size during permanent operation
  • Easy to use
  • Clear-cut design
  • Water resistant
  • Shockproof body
  • Wall fixtures
  • Coin-operated locker accessory
  • Transparent mask
  • Snug fit
  • Special ventilation
  • Easy to clean
  • Replaceable valves
  • Safety socket
  • Infinitely variable air system
  • Safety tested 

Relaxation forairone3 the horse, Comfort for the rider

The air-one operates safely and reliably, and is absolutely noiseless. During the ongoing therapy, you have time for further care of your horse. We recommend a duration of about 15 to 20 minutes per inhalation, which should be carried out at an acute disease twice daily.

Prevention is better than cure – so not only been ill treated animals. Of course, the air-one also be used for prophylaxis or for recreation and to build a horse.



The latest ultrasound technology

A high-performance quartz produces a fine mist with the smallest aerosol particles. The particle size is constant in continuous operation between 0.47 to 6 μmm. The atomization performance is superior with about 6.7 ml / minute extremely high, and any other device. Compare for yourself and surprise yourself.

Wall mount for the Aairone5ir One

Even on a wall mount was designed, for the correct positioning of the inhaler with the horse is extremely important. The shorter the path, the more efficient the treatment. In addition, the device during deployment is securely fastened and protected from damage.




Equine Attachingairone4

Prior to the inhalation of the air-one should be created to treat the horse, a halter and lead ropes on both sides.

Subsequently, the mask with the rubber ring from back to front is pushed through the nostrils, and fastened with the head strap. The air supply must be fully opened to avoid any panic on the part of the horse. 

Lastly, the breathing tube is slipped with one end to the connecting piece of the breathing mask and the nebuliser.


Hygiene – so important as the treatment itself airone7

The thorough disinfection is a prerequisite for successful therapy. This requirement was in the development of air-one much attention paid. Only in this way will prevent the further use germs get back into the airways. The main components of the breathing mask, hose and mist pot can be cleaned easily accessible and easy to use. A highly effective disinfectant is present in the device is already complete. After only 15 minutes contact time the best possible health status is assured! The included plastic container is used for optimal storage of the inhaler when not in use.

You get back your investment after just one year! Here’s our sample calculation: Multiply each inhalation 2 euro, the investment of the inhaler with a coin box for about 670 treatments paid off. This is achieved in a herd of 30 horses already, if any horse in just 11 days per year, twice inhaled.