MyLab™One VET

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Product Category: Diagnostic Imaging – Ultrasound    

Brand: Esaote SpA 



MyLab™OneVet is designed using the most modern and advanced technologies in order to deliver its high performance within the class of arm held and portable.

  • High quality imaging for reliable diagnosis
  • XView™ eXtreme View
  • XHF™ eXtreme High Frequency Imaging

Veterinary fields of application:

  • Large Animals
  • Small Animals
  • Farm Animals
  • Exotic Animals

Arm-held Configuration

  • High ergonomic and portable unit
  • 12” LCD with integrated touch screen
  • Touch screen control by finger and stylus
  • Kensington lock for securing the unit
  • Ergonomic handle integrating battery,
  • 4 programmable keys integrated on the handle
  • 1 fast ZIF electronic probe connector
  • Integrated microphone and speakers
  • Integrated intelligent cooling system with very silent fans
  • Automatic User Interface Orientation (according to the orientation of the system)

Desk Stand Configuration

 Provide a stable work environment to use the MyLabOneVet on a desk

  • Tilting mechanism for optimal viewing angle
  • Lock to secure the MyLabOneVet on the Desk Stand also during transportation
  • Provide additional connectivity by means of a LAN connector and extra USB ports
  • DVI-I connector for an additional monitor
  • Dedicated audio connectors for line-out and microphone
  • Dedicated footswitch connector

 Trolley Configuration

  Main features of the system:

  • Ergonomic and compact cart designed for easy manoeuvrability
  • Fully designed around the Veterinary application
  • nnovative height adjustment system
  • Four omnidirectional swivel wheels with breaks
  • Peripherals tray
  • Attachment for probe holders and a gel holder
  • Transducer cable holder
  • Special probe holder
  • Articulating arm to move the scanner within range with enlarged table and extendable working surface (optional accessory)
  • Additional battery module for additional 8 hours of operation (optional accessory)
  • Power supply with insulation filter for connection of peripherals or operating the system by mains while charging additional battery (optional accessory)