Constant Delivery Resuscitator


Product Category: Rescue & Resuscitation

Brand: Surgivet 


A unique pumping action makes it easy for one person to resuscitate a patient. Consistent tidal volume is delivered every time and a bi-directional valve allows low patient exhalation resistance. The resuscitator is mask and endotracheal tube compatible.

Product Specifications

Constant Delivery Resuscitator 

Reorder Code                Size                             Description

32490B1                      1.1 – 3.3 lbs                   Extra Small Resuscitator

32490B1                      6.6 – 22 lbs                    Small Resuscitator

32490B3                      24 – 55 lbs                     Medium Resuscitator

32490B4                      57 – 172 lbs                   Large Resuscitator

32490B5                                                                Foal Resuscitator