Cardio Companion


Product Category: Monitoring Accessories

Brand: Surgivet 


 The Cardio Companion is a device used to monitor core body temperature and ECG via an esophageal lead. It is compatible with most ECG lead wires

 Product Specifications

Cardio Companion

Reorder Code             Description

32491B2                   Small green esophageal lead

32491B3                   Medium blue esophageal lead

32491B4                   Large red esophageal lead (no temperature)

V706000                   Control box


Reorder Code            Description

V706001                  Cardio Companion with small and medium lead

V706002                  Cardio Companion with small and large lead

V706003                  Cardio Companion with medium and large lead

V706004                  Cardio Companion with two small leads

V706005                  Cardio Companion with two medium leads

V706006                  Cardio Companion with two large leads