V6004 Series Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitor


Product Category: Monitoring – Pulse Oximetry

Brand: Surgivet 

Product Features

Oscillometric non-invasive blood pressure technology

Systolic, diastolic, and mean NIBP values

Four available cuff sizes will comfortably fit a variety of patients

Optional built-in printer or external printer (V3408)

Product Specifications

Items Included

Reorder Code                          Description                                                       Included with

1614                                      Power supply 115V                                          All V6004 monitors

1615                                      Power supply 230V (optional)                     All V6004 monitors

N/A                                         Built-in printer with one roll of paper      V60045 and V60046

V1700                                   Reflectance sensor                                          V60041 and V60046

V1703                                   Universal “Y” sensor                                       V60041 and V60046

V1876P                                 Operations Manual                                        All V6004 monitors

V3311                                   5 ft oximetry extension cable                     V60041 and V60046

V6148SA                              NIBP cuff kit All                                              V6004 monitors

 V6004 Series

Reorder Code                        Description

V60040                                 NIBP

V60041                                 NIBP and Digital SpO2

V60045                                 NIBP and built-in printer

V60046                                 NIBP, Digital SpO2, and built-in printer