3 Parameter Advisor® Vital Signs Monitor


Product Category: Monitoring – Multi-parameter

Brand: Surgivet 


The SurgiVet® Advisor® multi-parameter monitor is now available in a basic three parameter configuration, providing veterinary specific vital signs measurements for non-invasive blood pressure, pulse oximetry and ECG. With its large easy-to-read display and intuitive user interface, this configuration of the Advisor® is ideal for the budget conscious buyer, offering the same high quality and reliability you’ve come to rely on from the SurgiVet® Advisor® product family.

Product Features

Veterinary specific pulse oximetry with pulse rate

Veterinary specific non-invasive blood pressure

ECG with heart rate

10.4″ LCD with color monitor display

Product Specifications

3 Parameter Advisor® Vital Signs Monitor

 3 lead ECG, Digital SpO2, heart Rate, NIBP

Reorder Code


 Notes: 3 parameter model cannot be upgraded and is not Data Logger compatible

Items Included

Reorder Code                        Description

3005                                         Power cord 110V

3005A                                      2 prong power cord – Europe (optional)

31543B2                                  Medium NIBP cuff

31544B1                                  6 ft NIBP supply hose

3311                                         Oximetry extension cable

V1703                                      Universal “Y” sensor

V1886R3                                 Operation manual

V3110TL                                 3 lead cable

V3110TLS                               3 lead 40-inc

Optional Accessories  

Reorder Code                        Description

31543B1                                 Small NIBP cuff (3-9 cm)

31543B2                                Medium NIBP cuff (5-15 cm)

31543B3                               Large NIBP cuff (9-25 cm)

31543B4                               Extra large NIBP cuff (17-41 cm)

V1700                                    Reflectance sensor

V1707                                    C” sensor

V3078                                   Mini clip sensor

V3406FL                              5 lead cable

V3406FLS                            5 lead ECG, 40-inch

V6148SA                              NIBP cuff kit