Surgivet Advisor Monitor


Product Category: Monitoring – Multi-parameter

Brand: Surgivet 


The SurgiVet V9204 Advisor® is a portable multi-parameter monitor providing the clinician with a variety of monitoring parameters. Starting with the base model Advisor, The V9200, SurgiVet has developed a monitor giving you:

- a 3 or 5 lead ECG
- Digital SpO2
- Heart Rate
- Non-invasive Blood Pressure.

The V9201 Advisor® gives you 3 or 5 lead ECG, DigitalSpO2, Heart Rate, and Non-invasive Blood Pressure, End Tidal CO2and Respiration. The V9203 Advisor® includes all the features of the V9201 with the addition of Dual Temperatures and Invasive Blood Pressure. **The full-featured SurgiVet V9204 Advisor® has all the parameters of the V9203 and a built in printer. Add to this the Intuitive User-interface of the Advisor® monitor’s large 4-trace display, and a User-accessible PC Card Interface for future enhancements – it becomes clear the Advisor® monitor provides a high level of sophistication to meet your specific needs, yet remains budget friendly.