Product Category: MXR Mobile X-Ray

Brand: Cuattro


MXR Mobile X-Ray Service & Equipment.

We present a complete new range of X-ray accessories for horses; the Podoblock. We supply equipment for every conventional, CR and DR-System available worldwide.

Easy to handle, safe and individually adaptable – the Podoblock from MXR Mobile X-Ray Service & Equipment is the perfect device for any vet.

Its development was the culmination of many years’ experience of x-raying horses.   

It goes without saying that the Podoblock is manufactured from the highest quality materials.

Opinions from customers about our products: 


Image Quality really improved

“We have all been impressed with the quality of the boxes and Podoblock, and I’m particularly impressed with the quality of the images obtained with the block.”

Dr. Lance Voute / Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Glasgow


Maximum radiation safety 

“No question about it, the Podoblock is a great asset to me. It guarantees maximum radiation safety and particularly simplifies work with non-professionals. Whenever horse-owners were required to help in the past, a cassette would always fall out. This made the horses even more nervous. I don’t have this problem anymore. “ 

Dr. Simon Bach, Sendenhorst


 Very stable device 

“I invested in a Podoblock at the start of this year and so far have only good things to say about it. The device is very stable and horses stand really well in it. “

Michael Rüth, Esens  


Excellent cassette protection 

“What I like about the Podoblock is its outstanding build quality. It really looks great. I also value the excellent cassette protection. I just can’t afford for cassettes to get damaged.” 

Dr. Markus Esser, Mönchengladbach


 Tailored to individual requirements 

 “I am very pleased that I had a Podoblock built to my own specifications. The safety of cassettes and the fact that it always stands upright are the decisive factors for me.” 

Dr. Paul Grosse-Hackmann, Krefeld