Product Category: Anaesthesia

Brand: Surgivet


The Vaporstick Anesthesia Machine is designed to be used as a non-rebreathing system or to supply oxygen to intensive care units and nebulizers.A five-wheel base makes the unit balanced and stable.


More pictures of actual units configured and delivered for the rodent research user.

Product Specifications

Items Included

Reorder Code Description
32359B2 Avian research circuit and 1/4 liter bag
32359B6 Modified Jackson Rees with 1/2 liter bag
OpMan Operations Manual

Vaporstick Anesthesia Machine

Reorder Code Description
V7015 Single O2 200 ml-4 lpm flowmeter
V701501 Air and O2
V701502 O2, N2O, and fail-safe
V701504 Single O2 0-1000 ml flowmeter