Digital Pulse Oximeter and FiO2



Product Category: Monitoring – Pulse Oximetry

Brand: Surgivet 

Description:  The V90041 End Tidal CO2 Capnograph offers crisp waveforms with large numerics for maximum visibility. This monitor has the flexibility to meet the needs of today’s veterinarian. V9004 Specifications
- Displays heart rate.
- Displays End Tidal CO2 value.
- Displays Inspired CO2.
- Pulse range up to 350 bpm.
- Displays SpO2.
- Displays respiration rate.
- Transportable.
- Easy menu.
- Displays End Tidal CO2 wave form.
- Displays plethysmographic wave form.
- Sidestream technology for use on intubated and non-intubated patients.
- High resolution vacuum screen allows waveforms and numeric values to be easily viewed at all angles.
- Provides the numerical value of inspired CO2 allowing the technician to check for the inspiration source.
- Quantitative breath strength bar.
- Patented moisture removal system.