Airway Management

Non-Cuffed Endotracheal Tube (Silicone) AT10


Non- Cuffed Endoracheal Tube

. Non-sterile
. Parallel wall design …read more.





Endotracheal Tube Connectors

. Manufactured to exact tolerances to ensure a safe, secure, and leak-resistant connection
. Funnel connectors designed to …read more.




Non-Cuffed Wire Reinforced Endotracheal Tube (Silicone)


Non-Cuffed Wire Reinorced Endotracheal Tube

. Non-sterile and transparent
. Radiopaque marker in distal tip …read more.





Cuffed Wire Reinforced Endotracheal Tube

. Non-sterile
. Autoclavable …read more.





Cuffed Endotracheal Tube

. Non-sterile
. Autoclavable …read more.




Nasotracheal and Tracheostomy Tubes




Foal Nasal / Porcine Endotracheal Tubes

. Tubes up to 12 mm have a 15 mm airway adapter fitting
. Silicone funnel is supplied on the 14 mm tube size … read more.





Equine Post Anesthesia Nasal Tube

. Proximal silicone funnel fitting to avoid tube migration
. Autoclavable …read more.






Tracheostomy Tubes

. Pre-curved silicone for a comfortable anatomical fit
. For long-term or permanent tracheostomy …read more.





Central Venous Catheters




Central Venous Seldinger Catheter Sets

Used for venous pressure monitoring, blood sampling and administration of drugs and fluids…read more.






Central Venous Peel-Off Sheath Catheter Sets

Used for venous pressure monitoring, blood sampling and administration of drugs and fluids…read more.






Central Venous Peel-Off Sheath and Proximal Extension Catheter Sets

. Central venous catheter introduced using a Peel-off sheath needle
. Peel-off sheath pre-loaded on access needle allows percutaneous introduction …read more.





Consumable Product Accessories





. Sterile

read more.





Multi-Purpose Tubing Adapters

. Sterile

read more.





Injection Ports (Sterile)

read more.







Luer Lock Plug (Sterile)

Luer lock plug to occlude female Luer lock.

read more.





Clamps (Sterile)

read more.







Fixation Disc (Sterile)

Silicone fixation disc used to stabilize percutaneous drainage catheters

read more.





Silicone Adhesive (Non-sterile)

Single 2.8 oz tube silicone adhesive, recommended for repair of balloon cuff and inflation lines.

read more.





Wire Guides, Stylets, Introduction Tubes





Endotracheal Tube Stylet with Stopper

 Stainless steel endotracheal tube stylet w/silicone stopper

read more.







ClearView PTFE Coated Wire Guide

. Sterile
. Autoclavable

read more.






Wire Guide Stiffening Stylets

. Sterile
. Autoclavable

read more.





Metal Stiffening Stylets

. Sterile
. Autoclavable

read more.





Stainless Steel Threaded Wire Guides

. Non-Sterile

read more.







Introduction Tubes

. Non-Sterile

read more.




Fluid Administration & Therapy




Connecting Tube

. Used for the infusion of fluids into venous circulation
. Sterile …read more.






Bag to Bag Connectors

. Allows a second fluid bag to be connected to an existing fluid bag and delivery line
. Sterile … read more.





Wide Bore Infusion Set (No Chamber)

. Single spike set for rapid fluid administration with Luer lock connector
. Sterile …read more.






 Spiked Wide Bore Infusion Sets

. Complete spiked tubing sets used mainly for adult horses in stalls
. Sterile …read more.






Stainless Steel Spike Adapter

. Used for high flow fluid infusion
. Autoclavable
. Sterile …read more.





Subcutaneous Catheter Sets

. Multiple fenestrations
. Catheter introducer allows easy placement …read more.





Esophageal Tubes


Esophagostomy Tube Sets

. Open-end silicone catheter with multiple side holes used for the administration of enteral feeding solutions
. Catheter introduced after percutaneous puncture … read more.





Van Noort Esophagostomy Tube Sets

. Open-end silicone catheter with multiple side holes used for the administration of enteral feeding solutions
. Wire guide stylet … read more.





Feline Esophagostomy Tubes (Silicone)

. Surgically placed closed-end single lumen silicone catheter with distal side holes for the administration of enteral feeding solutions
. Removable proximal fitting …read more.





Oral / Nasal Oxygen / Feeding Tubes




Economy ClearView Oral / Nasal Oxygen / Feeding Tubes
. Closed-end, single lumen silicone catheter used for the administration of feeding solutions
. Recommended for use with PTFE coated wire guides

Read more.





Premium Oral / Nasal Oxygen / Feeding Tubes

. Closed-end, single lumen silicone catheter used for the administration of feeding solutions
. Recommended for use with PTFE coated wire guides or wire guide stiffening stylets

read more.



Stomach Tubes



Gastrostomy Tube Introduction Set

. Reusable introduction set enables the non-endoscopic placement of gastrostomy tubes into the stomach
. Designed to accept …read more.





Feline Orogastric Feeding Tube

. Closed-end, single lumen silicone catheter with distal side holes used for the administration of enteral feeding solutions
. Proximal fitting accepts …read more.





Feline Mouth Gag

This reusable mouth gag is designed to assist in the introduction of orogastric tubes …read more.





Peg Feeding Tubes

The peg feeding tube is a mushroom/Pezzar style silicone catheter for the percutaneous administration of feeding solutions into the stomach. It can be endoscopically …read more.






Silicone Stomach Tubes

. Smooth-bore lumen for enhanced delivery or evacuation
. Three strategically placed fenestrations at the distal tip provide …read more.








Vet-Core™ Biopsy Needles

. Used for soft tissue core biopsy
. Facilitates one-handed operation during procedural use …read more.






Needles with Peel-Off Sheaths

. Sterile …read more.






Equine Sacral Joint Needle

. Needle used for injection or aspiration of the sacral joint
. Inner stylet matches the bevel tip of the outer needle …read more.







Equine Uterine Flushing Catheter

Used for flushing and irrigation, administration of medications, and embryo collection and transfer…read more.






Equine Fluid Delivery System

. Includes a 5-ft 3-inch reusable silicone tube with shut-off clamp and bell shaped bottle adapter with medication port
. Silicone tube is autoclavable …read more.





Luer Lock Connectors

. Female lock with o-ring compression fitting
. Used to hold micro-pipette, semen straw, or small tubing for oocyte manipulation …read more.







Slippery Sam Tomcat Urethral Catheters

Polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE) catheter with end hole for the drainage or administration of fluids.
read more.





Tomcat Urethral Catheters (Silicone)

. Distal side holes or an end hole for drainage or administration of fluids
. Wire guide stylet supplied to assist introduction of the catheter
. Proximal fitting enables …read more.





Little Herbert® Luer Lock Adapter

Standard female Luer lock fitting with barbed insertion end
read more.





 Equine Urine Collection Catheter (Silicone)

. Sterile
. Autoclavable …read more.




Economy ClearView Foley Catheters (Silicone)

. Sterile
. Radiopaque
. traumatic …read more.






Premium Foley Catheters (Silicone)

Closed-end silicone catheter with distal balloon cuff used for intermittent drainage of urine from the bladder or contrast studies of urogenital tract.
read more.




Wound Management


Chest Drains




Chest Drainage Tubes

Open-end, single lumen silicone catheter with large multiple side holes over the distal portion of the catheter.

Read more





Multi-Purpose Drainage Tube

Used as extension tubes to in dwelling drainage catheters or pressure lines.

Read more






Pneumothorax Sets

Used to treat a spontaneous or tension pneumothorax.

Read more





Heimlich One-Way Valve

. Sterile
. Connecting tube included

Read more






Thoraic Drainage Catheter

Multi-purpose drain suitable for thoracic or abdominal drainage.

Read more






Two-Part Drainage Catheter Sets

. Multiple large side ports facilitate drainage of pus, haem or chyle
. Luer lock fitting on catheter can be connected to a suction apparatus
. Polyurethane catheter …read more.




Drainage Catheters and Tubes




Ocular Lavage Kit & Replacement Parts

Silicone catheter used for the controlled irrigation of therapeutic solutions over the eye surface.

Read more 






Equine Nasolacrimal Catheter

PTFE catheter used for flushing the lacrimal duct.

Read more






Ear Lavage Catheters

. Polyurethane
. Atraumatic
. Sterile
Read more






Pericardiocentesis Catheter Set

Used to drain fluid from the pericardial sac.

Read more






Pericardiocentesisi Needle & Catheter

Used to drain fluid from the pericardial sac.

Read more






Broncho-Alveolar Lavage Catheter (Silicone)

. Open end used for lavage of selected segments of the lung fields
. Distal balloon can be inflated to prevent retrograde fluid flow
. Proximal two-way fitting allows ….





Foal Tracheal Wash Catheter

. Used for trans-tracheal wash
. Polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE) catheter …read more.






Guttural Pouch Endoscopic Flushing Catheter

Used for lung lavage or introduction into the guttural pouch to flush out pouch debris.

Read more





Peritoneal Lavage Catheter

Used to infuse and withdraw rinsing solutions in body cavities in cases of blunt trauma and therapeutic use.

Read more





Acute Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter

. Silicone catheter enables acute access to the peritoneal cavity
. Coaxial distal catheter portion prevents occlusion …read more.






Equine Abdominocentesis Catheter

. Single lumen open end catheter with distal side holes and proximal Luer lock fitting
. Side holes
Read more






Continuous Suction Bulbs

. Allows short-term suction to be applied to body cavities enabling the drainage of either air or fluid
. One-way valve and Luer lock fitting
. Ideal for …read more.




Wound Drains




Fenestrated Catheter Wound Drain

. Polyurethane Catheter
. Suitable for post-orthopedic …read more.






Modified Penrose Drains (Silicone)

. Used for post-operative drainage
. Internal ribs increase surface area, enhancing …read more.






Penrose Drains (Silicone)

. Used for surgical wound drainage
. Autoclavable

Read more






Closed Wound Vacuum Drains (Silicon)

. Used for post-operative drainage
. May be used in conjunction with closed …read more.






Flexi-Drain Multi-Purpose Wound Drain (Silicone)

. May be trimmed or used as one piece for surgical wound drainage
. Drain can be split along its length or …read more.






Vet BioSISt®

Use as a surgical patch for soft tissue repair or reinforcement. Promotes wound healing and tissue remodeling by providing a biocompatible, absorbable scaffold for tissue ingrowth. Normal …read more.






Vet BioSISt® Ocular Discs

Suitable applications are corneal lacerations, periodontal grafts, delayed closure of dermal wounds, organ patching …read more.