Diagnostic Imaging



Vet MR Grande

Vet-MR Grande is an innovative vet MRI specifically designed with the collaboration of veterinary doctors to create an efficient solution for both large and small animal client demographics. The Vet-MR Grande is … read more.

CT Scanner

fidex-800 Fidex (New Product) advair diskus & generic fluticasone/salmeterol buy generic advair diskus online buy fluticasone

Fidex is a unique three-modality diagnostic imaging system designed specifically for companion animal veterinary practice and research laboratories…read more

Brilliance_CT_3 BrillanceTMCT

Combines scanning and visualization all on the scanner console…read more

Ultrasound – MyLab Family

mlAlpha_02 MyLab™Alpha with eHD Technology and CrystaLine (New Product)

The powerful MyLab™Alpha, premium performance portable ultrasound system, offers features and performance never seen on a portable system…read more

mlClassC_02 MyLab™ClassC VET

The MyLab™ClassCVET is a high-level ultrasound system which is based on the concept of efficiency and productivity. The system delivers a reliable diagnosis and ensures daily productivity…read more

mlTwice_vet02 MyLab™Twice VET

The unique MyLab™TwiceVET offers Premium Performance together with Point-of-Care Ultrasound, meaning that besides the office-based system the MyLab™SatVET unit can be used where it is needed, from clinic to barn and the field…read more


MyLab™One VET

MyLab™OneVet is designed using the most modern and advanced technologies in order to deliver its high performance within…read more.


MyLab™Five VET

The MyLabFiveVET is designed using the most modern and advanced technologies in order to deliver its high performance within the class of a portable device…read more.



Premium performance with portability is today a reality with the MyLab™30VETGold. It represents the state of the art in terms of technologies and diagnostic capabilities. This … read more.


MyLab™40 VET

. All inclusive platform
· Extensive dedicated veterinary software: vet patient ID, vet body marks, vet measurements and calculations
· One touch workflow
… read more.

Ultrasound – Anagolue Range


Tringa Linear VET

. 5″ high resolution VGA LCD

. 256 gray levels…read more.

CR X-Ray



The iCR3600SF’s patented design incorporates a True Flat Scan Path™, an ultra precise scan mechanism and protective cassettes to … read more.

DR  X-Ray

xdr52-300x170 Vetz XDR5 (New Product)

read more…

uno22 Uno 2

Introducing the all new re-designed Uno 2…read more

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UnoEQ™ is all you need to acquire perfect digital radiographic images in 5 seconds. No synchronization boxes connected to cables that are connecting yet more cables. All you need …read more.



MXR Mobile X-Ray Service & Equipment. amoxicillin generic – amoxil online generic name for amoxil uk; no prescription amoxicillin – amoxicillin without prescription buy amoxil online canada; amoxil

We present a complete new range of X-ray accessories for horses; the Podoblock. We supply equipment for every conventional, CR and DR-System available worldwide.

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HF200A+-320 HF200A+

Read more

HF8015+DLP HF8015+DLP

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Lead Apron


Economy Buckle Apron

Quick release, easy to close 2″ webbing and buckle.

Made with navy nylon reinforced vinyl and …read more.


Economy Velcro Apron

Velcro closures on each side to more evenly distribute the weight.

Made with navy nylon reinforced vinyl and …read more.

Lead Blockers


Lead Blockers

We have two lead blockers. The navy nylon reinforced vinyl .5mmPb and the Deluxe 1.0mmPb vinyl coated product. The economy blocker is .5mmPb with …read more

Lead Gloves

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Vinyl Covered Lead Gloves

.  Flexible vinyl cover
. 0.5mm Pb protection …read more.


Seamless Dipped Lead Vinyl Gloves

. Seamless lead vinyl dipped gloves
. 0.5mm Pb …read more.

Hand Protectors


Hand Shield

. Thumb strap for improved control
. Velcro strap closure for …read more.


Slit Mit

. Finger slits for complete finger movement as well as total hand protection
. Provides 0.5mm Pb …read more

Thyroid Collars


Permanently Attached Thyroid Collar

. We can attach our collars to any aprons.
. Must be chosen as an option when purchasing aprons.

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Ring Attached Collar

The softest, most comfortable thyroid collar made. No neck irritating binding.

Custom outside colors available, inside is black regular fabric.

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Standard Thyroid

The softest, most comfortable thyroid collar made. No neck irritating binding.

Custom outside colors available, inside is black regular fabric.

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