60”C-Pram Breathing Circuit



Product Category: Anaesthesia – Breathing Circuits

Brand: Surgivet 


V7104 60”C-Pram Breathing Circuit
The C-Pram is a non-rebreathing circuit designed for small animals. The unique single tube design reduces patient heat loss and maintains humidity. The patient end attaches to most masks and endotracheal tubes. For use with rodents you will need to use the rodent mask and diaphragm. This circuit can also be attached to the Bain block, V7124, as well. This will allow the utilization of a pop-off valve and a manometer to measure pressure in the system. Comes complete with silicone tubing and a supply adapter to attach to the fresh gas outlet on the anesthesia machine. SurgiVet has provided a 19 x 22mm and 22 x 22mm adapter for easy attachment to most scavenging systems.

V7104………60” C-Pram breathing circuit
32135B1…..60” C-Pram only (No hose or adapters)