Vaporstick Plus Anaesthesia Machine


Product Category: Anaesthesia – Small Animal

Brand: Surgivet 


Vaporstick Plus

- Specifically designed for the veterinary profession-MRI compatible.
- Three-piece assembly.
- Universal vaporizer mounting bracket.
- Easy to clean and virtually chip proof powdercoat finish.
- Bored block manifold system eliminates most hoses and potential leak sites.
- The bored block is an FDA approved material guaranteed for life.
- The tapered ports on the dome style inhalation and exhalation valves allows easy quick change of the Fcircuit or breathing tubes.
- Unbreakable valve dome caps.
- Pop-off valve is also designed to interface with an active waste gas evacuation system and maintain a passively full rebreathing bag.
- Easy quick change absorber canister.
- The absorber seals easily and tightly creating a leak-free seal.
- A specially designed absorber canister which uses less soda lyme but allows the expired gas to be exposed to more soda lyme than any other system on the market.
- Fresh gas outlet for easy use of a non-rebreathing system.
- 200ml to 4-liter flowmeter.
- Five-leg base for maximum stability.

Available Configurations
Vaporstick Plus…………V700500
V700500………….Vaporstick Plus with Single Flowmeter
V700501………….Vaporstick Plus with Dual O2 Flowmeter
V700502………….Vaporstick Plus with N2O and Failsafe