Product Category: X-ray Imaging

Brand: Sedecal


Sedecal is the only manufacturer on the market that has provided veterinary digital systems with the same technology used in X-ray medical equipment.

NEOVet DR application software Single Touch, “which touch wheel on the console, transferred to the main software image processing the following information:

  • Category of animal
  • Selected anatomical region
  • Exposed anatomical projection, parameters of radiographic technique (kV, mA, mAs; milliseconds), thickness of the anatomic area (in cm), presence of the grille, side marker point, and so on.

This level of integration, which is typical of Digital Systems of Medicine, is also present in digital equipment Veterinary SEDECAL.

That level of communication is not available in CR systems (phosphor screen), or other digital equipment from other manufacturers, since in them the ray equipment does not dialogue with the image processing software.


The ideal solution for professionals who require high-level resolution: Up to 5.3 pairs of lines / mm.

  • Useful image area: 43 X 43 cm.
  • Removable Grill very low attenuation coefficient (carbon fiber coating)
  • The floating table has aluminum guides for holding accessories, such as bands of compression to immobilize the animal during the x-ray exposure