V9004 Series Capnograph Monitor


Product Category: Monitoring – Capnography

Brand: Surgivet 

Product Features
Incorporates sidestream technology for application with intubated and non-intubated patients

End tidal CO2 numeric value

End tidal CO2 wave form

Inspired CO2, and respiration rate

Optional printer (V3408)

Product Specifications

Items Included

Reorder Code                 Description

1614                             Power supply 115V

1615                             Power supply 230V (optional)

3311                             5 ft oximetry extension cable (V90041 and V90043 only)

N/A                              Start-Up Kit

V1175                          CO2 monitor exhaust kit

V1700                          Reflectance sensor (V90041 and V90043 only)

V1703                          Universal “Y” sensor (V90041 and V90043 only)

V1872P                        Operations Manual

Recommended for Maintenance

Reorder Code              Description

1178N                        5 Aquaknot moisture traps

5093                          Calibration gas canister

8217                          CO2 Calibration kit (5093, 8061, 8211, 8223)

9048                          Two 13 mm CO2 disk filters