V3395 TPR Monitor


Product Category: Monitoring – Capnography   

Brand: Surgivet 

Product Features

Digital SpO2, heart rate, temperature, and respirationAdjustable alarm limits

Visual and audible alarm signals

Optional infrared printer (8411)

Product Specifications

Items Included

 Reorder Code                 Description

20690B3                       Protective boot

3111                             5 ft oximetry extension cable

V1700                          Reflectance sensor

V1703                          Universal “Y” sensor

V1907P                        Operations Manual

V3396                          Power supply 9V

V3397                          Power supply 220V (optional)

V3413                          Temperature cable

V3417                          Temperature probe

V3422                          Respiration cable

WWV3418                     Reusable esophogeal/rectal temperature probe (optional)