Fidex multi-Modality

Product Category: Three-Modality diagnostic imaging system – CT, DR & fluoroscopy

Brand: Animage


A single, compact instrument, emphasizing

  • Image quality
  • Ease of use
  • Small footprint
  • Low cost of ownership

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  • Cone-beam CT
  • Small-field (13 cm x 13 cm) DR
  • Scout view/drag-and-drop positioning software
  • Computer-controlled patient table
  • Scan-control computer/diagnostic computer
  • Reconstruction and visualization software
  • Volume rendering software
  • DICOM software

Fidex +LDR warnings & precautions. dapoxetine tablets price india . dapoxetine is used as a treatment for premature ejaculation. buy dapoxetine online. system includes:

  • All features included with Basic system
  • 11” x 17” Varian 4336 DR panel
  • Automatic DR panel placement
  • Foot pedal exposure trigger

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  • All features included with Basic system
  • Automated or manual angulation control
  • Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) software
  • Foot pedal exposure trigger

Fidex Three Modality

  • CT, DR, and fluoroscopy in one machine
  • All features included with Basic system, plus all features of +LDR and +Fluoro systems
fidex-ct-800 Type: Cone Beam CT

Field of View: 8, 15, or 23 cm diameter

Scan length: 80 mm per revolution
Maximum scan length 60 cm

Detector: 13 cm flat panel; Pitch 0.127 mm Anti Fungal

Scan Time: 5 to 25 sec. per revolution order methotrexate online

X-ray Power: 120kV, 60mA

Spatial resolution: Better than 0.2mm

Grey scale resolution: Supports soft tissue differentiation

Premarin 0.625mg

Image size(standard): 512 x 512 x Z (Z up to 1200)

Image size(high quality): 1024 x 1024 x Z (Z up to 2400)

Reconstruction software: COBRA Reconstruction time 18 sec

Visualization: 2D(MRP, MIP, oblique, slab view), 3D (volume rendering in semitransparent colors)

fidex-cr-800 Field of View: 14″ x 17″ plate/ 36 cm x 43 cm panelSpatial resolution: 3072 x 2560 pixels

Throughput: 10 sec. cycle time (0.14 mm pixel size)

Exposure angles: Any/Variable

Beam collimation: Preset or manual

User control: From console or through the gantry control panel

Processing presets: Standard ( factory defaults ) and user defined

Other features: Integrated User Interface for processing , storage and retrieval, geometric registration with CT and Fluoroscopy scenes


Frame rate: Varible, 5 – 60 fps – up to 30 fps in real time

Display: Real-time on gantry-monitor, playback at workstation

prostitutes examined in three groups of 100 each. 1. atarax reviews Angulation: Any - variable through 360 ( cardiac studies, esophaprams)

Other features: Foot switch for low dose and cine mode

Accumulated dose display, Digital background subtraction, Rotational Fluoroscopy