Capnocheck® Capnometer



Product Category: Monitoring – Capnography    

Brand: Surgivet 

Description: Only available in USA & CanadaThe Capnocheck® capnometer provides fully quantitative monitoring of patient ETCO2 and respiration rate in a unique, compact, pocketsize device. A necessary tool for patient safety, it provides clinicians a cost-effective tool for monitoring patient safety.

 Each Capnocheck® capnometer comes with two AAA batteries, an Airway Adapter, and IFU Manual 

Product Features

Mainstream ETCO2


Simple to use

Operational in 5 seconds

Bright LED display

Battery powered (2 AAA)

No routine calibration

Lightweight (2.1 oz) and portable

Product Benefits

Low cost alternative to a monitor

Earliest indicator of patient’s deteriorating status

Verifies tracheal intubation

Ongoing assessment of ventilation 

Product SpecificationsCapnocheck® Capnometer and Accessories

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Capnocheck® Capnometer with Alarms System


Capnocheck® Airway Adapter (box of 25)
WW8120 Capnocase Carrying Case
WW8121 Capno_Lanyard Lanyard