Product Category: Shockwave Therapy – Versatron

Brand: Pulse Veterinary Technologies, LLC


The Versatron is another innovation developed by HMT especially for the administration of extracorporeal shock wave therapy in the field of veterinary medicine. The Versatron builds upon HMT’s experience with the Equitron, the first shock wave unit developed specifically for veterinary medicine. The Versatron employs focused electrohydraulically generated shock waves (EHS shock waves) with a large focal volume to treat common musculoskeletal disorders of small animals.

Shock waves have been used in the field of human medicine since the 1980s to treat kidney stones. Ten years later, after clinical studies had demonstrated that this method stimulates the healing process, it was adapted for the treatment of orthopedic disorders such as tendinopathies and pseudarthroses as well.

Impressive therapeutic results have been achieved by using the Versatron to treat the following conditions in horses:
- tendinopathies with and without calcification
- insertion desmopathies (eg. of the suspensory ligament)
- joint disorders (eg. synovitis or bone spavin)
- exostoses
- ring bone
- navicular disease
- splint bone fracture
- kissing spines
- back problems

Technical data
Power Supply – 100-240V. 50/60Hz
Dimensions – Height: 21.9cm (8.6″)
Width: 47.3cm (18.6″)
Length: 42.6cm (16.8″)
Weight: 16kg (35.27lb)

Therapy Heads – VersaTrode R05: 0 – 25mm
VersaTrode R20: 5 – 40mm
VersaTrode R35: 15 – 55mm
VersaTrode R80: 50 – 110mm

*The VersaTrodes will be refurbished after 50′000 pulses

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