Swiss DolorClast® Vet


Product Category: Shockwave Therapy – EMS Swiss DolorClast® Vet     

Brand: Electro Medical Systems (EMS)


EMS Swiss DolorClast® Vet

Retirement from racing due to injury and prolonged treatment can be very costly. The patented Swiss DolorClast® Vet is an inexpensive tool designed to rejuvenate chronically lame horses so that they can once again successfully participate in equestrian sports.

Efficient, fast and mobile. The first “horse-friendly” shock wave therapy device. From EMS.

The novelty:The Swiss DolorClast® Vet can be adjusted to suit the needs of the horse and not vice versa! The compact design of the Swiss DolorClast® Vet makes it exceptionally flexible so that it can be used at any time and at any place. No instruments adjustments, no locating systems, no restraining of the horse and only low-level sedation. Particularly gratifying for both user and horse: A high impulse frequency of up to 15Hz for short treatment duration. And all that is needed for installation is a mains socket: Plug and treat!

Other benefits of the Radial Shock Wave Therapy® with the Swiss DolorClast® Vet
- reasonably priced
- low running costs
- compact, easy to handle and efficient
- can be used anywhere
- simple installation and maintenance

Swiss DolorClast® Vet
- Insertion desmopathies
- Calcifications
- Metaplasias
- Fractures
- Pseudarthroses
- Osteoporoses

Success that can be proven
After treatment with the Swiss DolorClast® Vet 59% of the treated horses were no longer lame, and distinct pain reduction was achieved in 80%. Significant osteogenesis was attained after bone treatment in 67% of the horses.*
*(Source: Veterinary Clinic in Telgte, Germany)

Gentle and Effective – Radial Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy®
The Swiss DolorClast® Vet method is simple, and application is gentle and effective. In human medicine it has been a practice-proven form of therapy in urology and orthopaedics for many years. Pneumatically generated shock waves are radially transmitted into the pain region via an applicator. A contact gel guarantees optimal energy transfer between body and shock wave applicator. Radial Shock Wave Therapy® is used for non-invasive treatment of chronic insertion desmopathies, calcification of tendons and tendon sheaths, fractures, pseudarthroses and osteoporoses.

Technical Data:
Power Supply(voltage): 100-240V, AC, 50-60Hz
Compressed Air Supply: 5-6 bar
Working pressure (internal): 1-4 bar
Operating modes: – single pulse
- continuous pulse at 1-15Hz repetition rate
Instrument dimensions: 340mm x 390mm x 142mm
Instrument weight: 8.7kg
Handpiece dimensions: 240mm x 110mm x 37mm
Handpiece weight: 0.8kg