Product Category: Anaesthesia – Gas Evacuation

Brand: Surgivet 


The new Pure-Guard™ System from SurgiVet™ protects you and your staff from dangerous waste gases. Easier to use and safer than any other charcoal canister system on the market, Pure-Guard™ combines the patented Enviro-Pure™ canister with a special monitor and alarm to offer you pure protection from waste anesthetic gases anywhere in the lab or hospital.

Pure-Guard™ Featuring a Purely Unique Design

- Patent-pending design reduces resistance and disperses airborne halogenated agents more effectively over charcoal.
- Larger Enviro-Pure™ canister contains 1/3 more charcoal than conventional canisters, so it lasts longer!
- Agent concentration, flow rates, humidity and length of procedure affect the life of a charcoal canister. Pure-Guard™ provides a monitor to keep track of adsorption rate so you don’t have to.
- Unique alarm system alerts you to waste gas breakthrough.

Why you’re safer with the Pure-Guard™ System
Since most halogenated anesthetic gases cannot be detected by smell (unless they’re in high concentration) proper monitoring becomes all the more critical.1

According to the ACVA, genetic mutations, cancer complications during pregnancy, hepatic and renal disease, immunological effects and psychomotor changes have all been linked to exposure to trace anesthetic gases.2

Waste anesthetic gas scavenging is endorsed by the ASA and OSHA.3

Predicting the life of a charcoal canister is impossible. Factors such as agent concentration, flow rate, humidity and time of exposure all affect the charcoal adsorption rate.4

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