Upcoming Conferences 2015

purchase Zithromax Pre – WSAVA Congress Workshop
Date: 14th May 2015|
Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

purchase prednisone online best price from top international pharmacies. read customer reviews, compare prednisone prices buy prednisone australia World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Congress 2015
Date: 15th – 18th May 2015|
Venue: Bangkok, Thailand

For more information on WSAVA 2015, please click here.

Pan Pacific Veterinary Conference 2015
Date: 24th – 29th May 2015
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For more information on PPVC 2015, please click here.

UPM Ultrasound Workshop
Date: 13th – 14th July 2015

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International Veterinary Radiology Association 17th Meeting (IRVA) 2015
purchase Viagra Date: 16th – 21st August 2015
Venue: Fremantle, Western Australia

For more information on IRVA 2015, please click here.