XView, eXtreme View technology, represents the latest version of real-time complex image processing algorithm. XView elaborates the pattern of every single frame at the pixel level, eliminating speckle and noise artifacts, dynamically enhancing tissue margins, improving tissue conspicuity and increasing diagnostic confidence through real-time adaptive algorithm.

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Every ultrasound user knows that high levels of speckle, or ‘noise’, in an ultrasound image make accurate diagnoses more difficult and time-consuming. XView is Esaote’s revolutionary technology that improves image quality during the acquisition, processing and display stages. XView uses aspects of resolution, post-processing and averaging image enhancement techniques, but without any negative manipulation of the final image or loss of frame rate. XView dramatically enhances tissue margins and conspicuity in multiple applications and with all probes, increasing diagnostic confidence.




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  • Intelligent – XView analyzes the image, distinguishes between speckle and relevant information, performs the necessary adjustments both at acquisition stage and processing level, suppresses the speckle and enhances the readability of the image
  • Adaptive – During acquisition, XView uses different techniques in order to produce as little speckle as possible. If during acquisition the image cannot be adjusted optimally, XView automatically changes an algorithm in the processing stage, further changing the acquisition data at another time. The dynamic nature of XView produces the best possible speckle reduction
  • Optimized – XView removes speckle, while the information necessary for the diagnostic image is preserved and enhanced. Processed image data from both the part of the image previously affected by speckle and the part carrying the required information are combined to reconstruct the entire image and optimize the result
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