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MView is Esaote’s revolutionary technology which improves quality of ultrasound images by reducing the presence of artefacts, shadowing and speckle. Due to this innovation, better-detailed image information is provided on linear and convex/microconvex probe technology in terms both of resolution and penetration. MView enables the user to define shapes and structures more clearly also in applications as abdominal, obstetrics, small parts, etc. where the ability to scan in depth is mandatory.

Combined contributions of standard and steered ultrasound beams allow optimized image quality for comfortable detection of every anatomical structure and help to eliminate doubts in the final diagnosis. MView is able to achieve up to fifteen different viewing angles in the same image.


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MView is a powerful technique, that enables the user to look at the same tomographic view of the body from multiple directions. Users can select the number of pulse directions or the reconstruction algorithm to provide the optimal result in any condition.

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Different pulses from different angles, correlated to form one final image, give the possibility to obtain dramatically enhanced contrast and detailed resolution. This means an increased visualization of borders and interfaces, as well as strong reduction of false diagnosis due to non perpendicular pulsing.

The ability of MView technology to be combined with other image enhancing methods (i.e. XView technology) reduces image artefacts at the minimum. This provides greater confidence to the users, and higher readability of the diagnostic images is guaranteed.


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