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A revolutionary real-time technology capable to implement innovative contrast media ultrasound procedures is now available: the CnTI™ – Contrast Tuned Imaging technology opens new horizons for all advanced applications using the latest generation of ultrasound contrast agents.

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The best way to use the second generation contrast media is to exploit the revolutionary CnTI™ technology based on a low mechanical index and real-time scanning: the injected microbubbles have a longer life-time because of the high performance of CnTI™ Imaging. The acoustic pressure value remains constant during the whole examination, assuring the prolonged preservation of the USCA (Ultrasound Contrast Agents) whatever the conditions (different depths, focal positioning, etc.).

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CnTI™ reaches its target thanks to the selective automatic tuning on the contrast agent echo which removes any useless-for-diagnosis signal without destroying the microbubbles, while performing dedicated examinations in real-time. The alternation of low and high mechanical index frames suggests new advanced modalities in ultrasound scanning: not only the detection, but also the characterization of hepatic lesions.

The optimization of transmission process and user presets provides the best image quality for any clinical need, either in the visualization of macro and micro circulation. The new color palette ensure the optimal contrast resolution and allow the user to appreciate even very small details. Moreover the Ocra, Yellow and B/W maps are also available.

Cardiac, vascular, small parts, interventional and endocavitary applications with dedicated cardio/radio presets, transducers, biopsy and radiofrequency kits complete the CnTI™ mode capabilities.

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