XStrain™ is Esaote’s truly innovative new imaging method to estimate and quantify endocardial velocities of contraction and relaxation, and estimate and quantify local deformation of the heart, the Strain-Strain Rate top analysis technique for myocardial function evaluation.

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XStrain™ is a non-invasive tool to better investigate the myocardial function and explore and quantify aspects of the heart’s physiology which were not possible to detect and quantify with previous ultrasound technologies. Myocardial velocities and myocardial strain and strain rate can detect early impairment of myocardial contractility far before an impairment of the pump function (assessed as ejection fraction or stroke volume).

As it relies on angle-independent technology, XStrain™ allows for the assessment of the contractibility of both left and right ventricles. XStrain™ advanced technology means:

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  • extensive potential applications
  • innovation and non-invasiveness
  • angle-independent technology
  • user-friendly interface
  • comprehensive measurement possibilities
  • intuitive workflow

XStrain also plays a very effective role in CRT – Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy – for dyssynchrony investigations: it provides an easy and fast way to evaluate the result of CRT, repeating the measurement previously done.

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Discover the AHS – Aided Heart Segmentation, the Esaote’s exclusive tool to assist physicians during XStrain™ analysis.

The RCA – Regional Curves Analysis Extensions, function was extended to cover all the parameters provided by the XStrain™ technology.