BioPACS™ is an advanced post-processing software tool designed for patient-oriented Imaging Data Management. By introducing you to the MyLab™ World, this Single-Server configuration allows for patient-management in Ultrasound Medical Applications.

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Clinical data, acquired from all supported devices, can be archived, reviewed, printed and reported for an improved off-line clinical patient analysis.

Many advanced features are available to set up your personal network in a stand alone miniPACS configuration, managing any US diagnostic device with DICOM output and printing on laser, ink/bubble jet and DICOM printers.

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  • DICOM – compliant for Storage, Media Exchange and Print
  • Export – multimedia, in standard Windows® and DICOM format, both available on folder and CD
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  • Visual Comparison – ulti-patient and multi-session reviewing capability for improved patient follow up and diagnosis
  • Images and Clips – still and multi-frame management for archiving and reviewing
  • Interface – user-friendly viewer interface with real-time adjustments
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  • Measurement – automatic import from supported Ultrasound devices
  • Import and Link – possibility of adding Windows® standard file (jpg, pdf, doc, xls, avi,..) to patient record for complete management
  • Off-line Archiving – possibility of archiving data on media with indexing support
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  • Multilanguage – multi-language support for access-friendly interface
  • Reports – predefined, with possibility of including images and creating/customizing a glossary
  • Cost Saving – optimized workflow approach to daily routine
  • Time Saving – high speed data access and exam reviewing
  • Certified Measurements – Class I with measurements functions