Org@nizer™ Suite is a complete Data Management Network Solution for acquiring, storing and managing clinical data that is designed to provide a patient-oriented approach for the efficient workflow of your lab or department.

As the latest expression of the unique MyLab™ World concept, Org@nizer™ is based on a forward-thinking approach for the combined management of US images and clips, ECG waveforms and standard Windows® documents. 

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Thanks to the advanced architecture of the system, patient data are organized in clinical folders for quick and easy access in a single viewing, improving ergonomics and clinical outcomes.

Org@nizer™, through a scalable platform, represents the digital structure dedicated to Radiology and Cardiology environments, starting from an entry level Single-Server configuration up to a full Client-Server solution. Stored information can be accessed for reviewing, comparing, measuring, exporting, reporting and printing with off-line indexed archive and jukebox option. Non-US modality images can easily be imported and linked to patient folder.

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Using many of the technologies that power the Internet itself, Org@nizer™ includes a Web access option that allows physicians to access the storage server for remote viewing and reporting of exams, separating the place where data are kept and the place where data are accessed from.

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The Org@nizer™ Suite solution merges all previous benefits of MyLab™ World with an advantageous purchase cost reduction and introduces a safe and secure digital storage modality to skilfully manage your lab.

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